Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bike Commuting in Singapore

I am serious. It's possible, even in Singapore, where your mother would tell you that you'd get run down by a car, die a horrible death with your head dismembered, arms dislodged a few kilometres away, and other gory misfortunes will happen to you. The thing is, it literally is an old wives' tale. It doesn't happen as often as long as you have a deep sense of self-preservation, follow traffic rules, know your limits and stay safe. Singaporean roads are not that bad for bicycle commuting. You might have to fight with an errant SBS bus driver (a black sheep) and then be given grace by one SMRT bus driver (an exception), but you're not in India where might is right.

What is this blog about, you might wonder. It's about bicycle commuting specifically in Singapore. You won't see a post with a title "why should I commute on a bicycle?" or "how am I saving the earth if I ride a bike?" I won't write about those because the West have already done it for me - use what the West provided to find what the West created - Google. Instead, this blog will talk about things like, "why should I commute on a bicycle in SINGAPORE" and "Does having a public campaign to promote turning your light off for an insignificant amount of time and using a candle instead make us any greener? Why not ride a bike everyday instead if you are serious about green".

Posts will be terse, easy-to-read, and hopefully with pictures. It's just not easy to ride and shoot. Hey - hit-and-runs usually are carried out in cars with a partner!

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