Saturday, January 23, 2010

How much do you think this bike is worth?

Nothing too fancy, it seems. Black, weird-shaped, relaxed Euro-styled commuter, with a rack that has a generic bag behind it. But looks are deceiving.

Sturmey-Archer 3 speed! Is it British?

Wait, doesn't that look like the logo of a Brompton, not a cheaper Flamingo rip-off?

Yes it is. It is a $2,000 bike locked in Orchard Road with a $20 or thereabouts cable lock. I wonder if this bike was stolen and sold for a pittance of what it was worth, because after all looks are deceiving. I really wouldn't lock it outside with such a weak lock if I were its first owner, or if I had a nasty experience of having my expensive bike stolen.

On a side note, British engineering is disastrously tasteful. Although they come with a really unjustifiable pricetag ($2,000 for a 3-speed 16" folder - Dahon makes a similar one which costs $900), there's always something to European products that make it so special...

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