Sunday, February 28, 2010


Something to rile you:
Motorists have to pass driving tests before they are allowed to drive on the road while cyclists do not have to. Why are they allowed to ride on the roads?

It is that simple: In certification-mad Singapore, no certification, no go. Make it compulsory for every cyclist to get a licence first before he is allowed to be on the road, and then talk about cyclists sharing the road with other metal machines zooming past at 70kmh.

Toh Chin Nan

Take a look at the opinons some people have against us cyclists at :

The conclusion from the responses gathered display one very striking conclusion - beware of non-riding drivers.

It is clear that Singaporean drivers who do not ride have a very bad habit of being very territorial about their roads. Yes, their roads. There is no empathy or even any interest in your legitimacy on the road as a cyclist.

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