Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cyclist Camaraderie

There is a special camaraderie between cyclists that you have to experience to understand what I mean. Everyone whom I have met on the road have been very friendly, and some extremely impressive. As a cyclist, you can speak to anyone on the road who is cycling too and not get frowned upon or ignored.

I remembered once I had a flat at East Coast, I was parked at the side hailing down hopeful people with an air pump as that was the only thing I forgot to bring in my repair kit. People came to my aid. Not everyone had one, but most stopped to assist. One guy had a Presta pump, but he was kind enough to stop and examine if there's anything he could do, before leaving.

Then there's another time where I tried doing a motorcycle-styled lean on Mount Faber at 40km/h, the bike lost all its traction and it slid all the way to the side, slicing up my favourite shirt and giving me a unfortunate scar that I still have. The whole peloton of chiongsua warriors came to my aid, if not only to ask whether I am fine. So kind of them.

If you've ridden long enough I' m sure you've seen your fair share of grace by Singaporeans, who have been termed ungracious, uncivilised and outlandish. Just look at our papers: we don't throw our trays away, we don't tip, we chope seats with tissue, bla bla bla. If there was any proof that Singaporeans can be graceful and friendly as Westerners are, whom we are trying (tipping? returning of trays?) to emulate, uniquely Singapore as it is, this is it.

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  1. I agree, the world over I have found camaraderie and friendliness in fellow bikers.