Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mental Block

Does anyone have anything to contribute to this blog? I think I have been squeezed dry, suddenly I don't have much to write about commuting, despite doing it so often recently...

If anyone would like to come onboard as a writer for this blog, please do leave a comment with your contact!


  1. Hi, do you commute in the rain? I was caught in the rain today. And was wondering how u keep things optimal... Wear Goggles ??? Rain coat?? Ziplocks??

  2. Hi Starringme, thanks for keeping at it, and for reading my blog!

    Rain is one of the worst things I've ever encountered, and it is quite annoying at times when you are not prepared for it.

    The best preparation you can do is to keep a cheap, small sized poncho ($1 kind) in your bag for those unexpected times. For those times when you are at home and it's raining outside and you have to get out, what I do is I use my SAF raincoat (can get pretty hot!) and a pair of waterproof pants, and boots. I haven't found a good way to keep rain out of my face and spectacles though...

    But to tell you the truth, usually if it's raining, I'd find other forms of transport, unless that day I feel garang or public transport doesn't suffice (I hate it, esp. if I have to change buses).

  3. I have also failed to keep up with my plan to blog regularly about bike commuting in sg. So, I guess I 心有余而力不足 :P

    May be you can browse around, see what other are talking about cycling and from there should give you some ideas on things to write. I find Google Alerts helpful.

    As for rain, I had written about it here:

  4. Thanks, but really I must thank you. You are more often than not, the very inspiration i go out and commute on my bike.

    It seems that keeping the rain of my eyes is better with sunglasses, cheapo off the Pasar Malam kind. Its really big and covers your eyes well. The only problem is I take off my spectacles and ride without them, vision is compromised but at least I can keep them open.

    Looks like we both have to find other ways to keep dry on a wet ride... Or simply get wet when it rains...

    I'll try the poncho way! Do you still wear your helmet with the poncho? Ahh.. The thick saf raincoat... Hmm... I'll think about that..

    Well alternative transport is such a bother during peak hours. And all that time waiting... Can be used riding!

    Thank you for your input El Wey.

  5. Spectacles helps keeping eyes from rain, but a wet spectacles still block vision. I find a cap useful as I don't really wear helmet. Or get a helmet with an extension cap tongue.