Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Impetus to Ride: SAMAN

Fear not, for your bicycle will never be ticketed by one of these men! No coupons - parking is free, everywhere! And you'll never have to wait for parking like drivers often do.

This is my impetus to ride.


  1. Yeah, almost everywhere but except some places where they have signs that say bicycle parking is not allowed and will do what they claim they will do.

  2. Ya, some places they will stick a piece of paper warning you off... these places include Wheelock, Nat Lib and MRT stations. With the exception of Wheelock, which has no parking, you gotta park on their bike racks.

  3. Hey, i'm interested to be a writer!

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  4. Hmm, can't seem to find ur email on ur profile. I just need your gmail acct, so I can send you an invitation. U could post here so that I could add u, then delete your msg afterwards.