Friday, September 3, 2010

Starring me.

I started commuting only recently in April this year... When I got my bike:

A $120 Aleoca Formula XT (second hand). When I first got the bike, it looked brand new except for deflated tires... Right now, it looks used. But I really want it to look old! That way I won't have to worry about it getting stolen... It has since gone through numerous face-lifts and voluntary defacement, all in the name of deterring thieves from getting my bike.

Why all the paranoia? Well my first commuter, this $20 piece of heavy steel:

Got nicked after I spent money installing new rear grip shifts and a front basket. I was a changed man.

I than went researching on how to secure my bicycle better and commuting in Sg, and that brought me here.

Till next time, I am Starringme.


  1. Hi, are you being fixed already?

    Oh yes, an advise, "avoid getting too many new parts at a time" that I forgot to share with my brother before his bicycle got stolen 2 days after he got 3 new items on it.

  2. Hi, I don't understand haha... What do you mean by being fixed?

    haha yeah, thanks for the advice! I learnt it the hard way!

  3. Hahaha! Oh yes. I learnt it the hard way too. As for accessories, there are many ways you can skimp on it. For example, my fenders were scavenged from a Fried Pigeon found at a dumpster, took out the fenders. Didn't fit well (28" vs 26" wheels), but just cabled tied it. Voila!

    Rack... I used to use a rusted one till I put a 100kg friend on the back. The supporting rails went flaccid.

  4. haha! yeah nowadays I go for the cheapest alternative! Daiso is a favourite hunt! And cable ties are a definite must have!

    Finding abandoned bikes doesn't happen to often huh? haha, 100kg! I dun think there is a rack that supports that much weight! No offense.

  5. Oh, I mixed up. After commenting then I noticed that there are 2 contributors to this blog.

    2nd hand for accessories is a way, but for functional parts, I will go for good stuffs. I have found cable ties useful at home (e.g. for my window curtain), but haven't used it on bike. I used to extend the mug guard bihind by taping a piece of used transparency on to it.

  6. It used to be only El Wey, he was asking for writers and I thought I could write some stuff...

    El Wey: Any guidelines? hahaha..

    Ohhh ya 2nd hand! Sometimes hours just pass by while going through togoparts!