Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comparing methods into town

Recently, I have been heading the long way down to Chinatown and it has been a really good experiment for me to discover what is the best way to get there without too much pain. Obviously, driving there is the ultimate option but it becomes highly undesirable when you consider the cost of doing this. It's not the fuel, it's the one dollar for half an hour parking that turns me off. You might as well just call a kind person to pick you up. It will be even cheaper this way.

Haven't tried taxis though.

Method 1: Straight bus - 147 double decker - $1.27

- Thought I could read/do work on the bus, but I couldn't.
- Worst method!

Method 2: 100% Cycling - FREE
- Very scary - Chinatown, Little India and Bendeemer are the worst places to ride, and all along my route.
- Better than the first because it's FREE and good exercise. Faster than bus!

Method 3 : Bike MRT Bike - $1.50??
- Easy, low sweat.
- Carrying a folding bike around is heavy!
- More expensive than straight bus, but able to do work on the train.
- My favourite for slacky days.

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  1. A method 4 if these are very regular trips : two bikes at/near the two MRT stations/bus stops.

    This was the way I did when once I need to travel between Marsiling and NYP, and recently between TPY and NUH.

    For method 3, I think those A-frame type such as Strida are more suitable (ignoring the MRT guidelines).