Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words of Wisdom: Don't Let it Be.

A quality lock will keep dong dong hee bad boys off your bike. I used to be highly stressed out when I lock my expensive bikes outside. But I realised that if you do not leave your bike outside for too long , defined depending on location, and check back often, you can often keep your bike safe.

I have the most expensive lock in Singapore circa 2009 (Abus Granite 54),  and have been using it for 2 years now. Over these two years, effective use of the lock has kept all my bikes mine. When it comes to locks, the wisdom is, "buy cheap, buy again!" Except "again" is better defined as buy another bike again. Thieves don't steal locks.


  1. I've seen some bicycles with the wheels bent out of shape and I always wonder if it is the work of thieves frustrated that they couldnt break the lock.

  2. But, can any good lock achieve to have your bicycle locked outside for days, and have it untouched? Mine has been locked out doors, for few days a week in the last few months. Usually untouched.

    Try buy cheap [bicycle], buy again [another cheap bicycle] when stolen. Less stress, and about the same cost as a good lock and a good bicycle.

  3. Good point Back2Nature!

    Wanderlust: I think so, I heard what they cannot get, they destroy.

  4. I just got a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit lock! :D

    You mean the expensive bike gets destroyed? Oh man... Haven't seen that...

  5. We end up being slaves to our stuff. Buy nice bike, lock outside, then keep worrying and keep checking back.


    Very often, I tell myself I should have just bought a sub $100 bike, a decent U lock and a chain.

  6. Side track a bit, now couples are both working, double income, then get maid to help, but worry what maid is doing at home, worry about children, some don't dare to have kids. Sigh...

    Coming back, indeed, a friend just realized it is no point getting a good bike if the purpose is for exercise. Why get an expensive bikes that allows one to ride in a energy saving manner while the purpose is to burn fat?

  7. Wanderlust back in action yet?

    You can always go on that path since its relatively cheap!

    I'm there and want to go nice bike!