Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gleanings from a Master

I watched this ...

This video was made by Darren Aliff, and in it he outlines a few tips.

On bike weight: your bike must be light enough so that you can lift it up. This is the guideline of 'how heavy should a bike be'.

On motivation: Try to schedule something in your tip that you look forward to every few days.

On overcoming anxiety and demoralisation: Ensure that you have places to stay at your destinations and ensure that you force yourself to push yourself through the first three days which is the days that you most likely to quit.

On packing: Your equipment should make you feel at home by having 'comfort items' such as books/tech toys/etc.

On Week Minus One Anxiety: Watch some movies about travelling, read logs, etc.


  1. That's quite a nice video!

    Also on my list of traveling videos is a couple of episodes of "From Siberia to Home" or something like that. It was basically a guy riding across the world.

    Another is on youtube, "Ride the divide" it's probably the longest and toughest mountain bike race held.

    Btw,Thanks for the link! Although I would prefer by dualcircles or Starringme or just dualcircles.

  2. You think I dunno about that video?


    Ride the divide is something for me to keep an eye out!

    OK. Will change it.

  3. haha, one cannot take the chance. Such a good video must be shared! Cool.

    Top Gear Vietnam special is also quite nice, they rode motorbike across the country.

    Thank you!

  4. On the Vietnam Top Gear special..I like the last part where they strip the bike and DIY into a motorized raft :D