Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here We Go, Come With Me...

My bikes and bags are packed, seems like I didn't even fill up two panniers to the brim, which is truly shocking to me. I feared having too much to take and that my panniers weren't big enough. Well, it is of adequate size for both the trip there and back, when I get gifts that I "owe" to people.

Nonetheless, packing a bike is no trivial thing. It took me 4.5h in total, plus a bit more yesterday, to get things down to a state which they are organised, packed and running well. I still have to touch wood and have my fingers crossed that everything arrives in a good state, though. Since cargo isn't known to be handled like a baby, and what more I have a transfer at Kuala Lumpur. That means twice the amount of baggage handling... walau eh!

I am stoked. I can't wait to start this trip, immediately after I get off the plane, I'm gonna assemble the bike and ride to the hostel that I have booked.

And I've just been notified that one of my old friends is now in Taiwan, along the route which I am following. She's in Taoyuan County, but I don't know exactly where, though a little detour wouldn't hurt even if it's not on the route I'm supposed to follow.

Then, I also have a meeting scheduled with Andrew Kerslake of Taiwan in Cycles fame in Taichung. He told me that if it's over the weekend, he can join me. But Taichung is midway on my journey, so it might just be a Tuesday when I reach Taiwan's main bike manufacturing city.

But the ultimate meeting which I will have is the lady I'm meeting in Taipei. Now that's something I'm looking forward to, but the details aren't confirmed, so it can go south while I head north. Damn. No matter, if it goes south, I'll go to Danshui. Maybe Keelung. Sure would like to meet her, though

 9 hours to flight, 18 hours to Kaohsiung. Fingers crossed, palm on wood.

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