Thursday, April 7, 2011

Packing, Modding and Test Riding

I'm modifying my Dahon Speed D7 so much it would have been heretical a few months ago. By putting so many things on it, the bike becomes quite disabled as a folder, but more functional as a touring bike. The rear rack is back, with the two Ortliebs loaned from Jenson, a guy I met in the course of handling things of high importance.

So this is the bike. The blue panniers don't really fit the more relaxed blue of the Curve, but oh well, it doesn't really matter because the panniers are supposedly very, very good. They also cost 2/3 of this bike. When I heard this from Jenson, I was... "WTF?"

What was more WTF was that he didn't mind lending it to me, with a little apprehension. All he wanted me was to ensure its safety, and I offered him $460 to guarantee it.

No more foldable platforms, and based on advice, I won't be going clipless, but I'll use my Shimano 105 toeclip pedals ripped from my road bike. I haven't gotten into clipless, unfortunately or otherwise - the question is how clipless shoes are compared to regular shoes when it comes to doing the other touring thing - walking, and I didn't want to risk finding out that it isn't as good. My pair of Levis are pretty hard-soled too, so there shouldn't be a problem unlike if I wore a running shoe.

There are a few more things to be bought, off my mind I can think of

Patch kits
Flexible and light lock

And then I also need to go and find a crankset that has around 44t. The chainring on the Dahon just doesn't cut it at 52t. Gear inches start at 34", and that would be hell for long hills.

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