Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Fall of a Bike Thief (Literally)

This has to be one of the most epic episodes in anti-bike theft. Watch this video as you see the driver, eastcoastparkway, chase down a bike thief that... isn't too smart to use his small size to his advantage.

His story...

This guy came into our house and attempted to steal my racing bike.
My wife screamed at him as he tried to steal the bike, and told him to go away!.

I chased after him on foot but lost sight of him. I continued the search for him in my car, and found him a few minutes later on the other side of our estate. Then I saw him break into another house and this time he stole a bike.

I followed him as he made his getaway, and then after running him off the road I chased him barefoot in only my shorts for 2 kilometers across 8 lanes of Jalan Eunos, across 3 PIE slips roads.

Meantime he picked up a large rock and with a wild agressive face threw the rock at me, so I picked up a bigger one and threw it back at him, the difference is that his rock missed me, and my rock hit him.

Finally, exhausted, he stopped running and I made a citizens arrest at Block 311 Ubi avenue 1 HDB block. I made him sit on the floor and ordered him to remove his shoes to stop him running away until the police arrived..

Police arrive 5 mins later and arrested him.

What a day!!!


  1. Woohoo, well done.
    My bike just got stolen so i'm elated that this one did not get away.

  2. Well done mate...Its about time we all took revenge on these bike thief lowlifes. I hope they locked him up or deported him.