Thursday, May 5, 2011

Impetus to Ride: Elections and Bo Cheng Hu

Singaporeans first! Made in China/Japan/Taiwan/US/Germany later!
I just came back from Taiwan. And guess what? So many things have changed.

By day we drive on the left, by night we drive on the right. Without a shadow of a doubt, the elections that are being held at Serangoon Stadium by the Workers' Party tonight really defines what 'dictatorship of the proletariat' means. If you think Taiwan is shit, wait till you see certain streets that truly are worse than Taiwan by ten times.

How to resolve this puzzle? Don't have elections lor!
The following video shows a poor lady trying to fix the puzzle. Nobody here has the slightest clue how to drive on one lane and all of them feel terribly gao wei about driving on the right. The lady tries her best.

The law - ineffective insofar as minor offences that they love to enforce on a fine Sunday. Everybody is illegally parking, and some roads can absolutely not move.

Good People (shirt) stand behind the Workers' Party. Literally.

This truly is the most bo cheng hu day in the history of modern Singapore. And is probably the only day, where you'll beat a Lamborghini on Yio Chu Kang Road, or any of the smaller roads where everyone is illegally parking.

He looks like he's pointing a middle finger, rest assured he isn't.
And guess what I overheard? Some resident was complaining to an LTA officer that he should do something about some illegally parked cars especially since they are parked right outside his house, but the LTA officer said, "cannot do anything". No joke: there was a Jeep Wrangler on a double yellow line, and mounted up on the curb... just in front of the LTA officer. Cannot do anything.

And the reason why I can take all these photos and reach the stadium in less than it takes to drive there? I rode a bike, my new bling bling GT Avalanche 2.0. It was so fast today, I thought I just ate clenbuterol beef. Either way, election fever and the dissolution of traffic law is a true impetus to ride.

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