Friday, June 10, 2011

Doc faces five charges over fatal accident with cyclist

What is worse than bad driving? Irresponsible driving.

From what can be gleaned from this article, the details are as follows:

Doctor Teo Tiong Kiat, 63, was charged in court over an accident last March, which left Ben Mok (Mok Chee Kong, 35) to die, and causing grevious hurt to Bertram Leong Poh Meng, 23 along Clementi Road.

As it is, he is facing charges of causing the death of Ben and grevious hurt to Bertram, failing to stop after an accident, failure to render help, removing his car without apporval.

Now... my two cents. This is irresponsible driving at its worst and it is unfortunate that this event is not an isolated case. I have heard from friends of hit and runs that don't go reported. One of my army mates told me that he got into an accident with a taxi, which immediately did a Teo Tiong Kiat and sped away. He was left there to bleed and to see his carbon bike in shambles, and I believe that, because of the time needed to get to his senses, he failed to be able to get the license plate of the taxi.

Teo can be convicted and be fined, jailed or both. Yes, if you looked closely, he might just be fined a big sum, and I'm putting my bets on a five-figure sum with a token amount of jailtime. Or maybe only a fine. Wait for 21 July and see how. Bo pian.

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