Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dahon-Tern lawsuit: Joshua Hon's reaction

From Bike Europe,

Now isn't this become increasingly apparent that the Dahon and Tern is really something of a family feud with David Hon fighting against his wife and son, Florence and Joshua Hon.

Shit is really hitting the fan.

I have a personal interest in this, as Dahon has always been one of my favourite brands. Unfortunately, the face of Dahon has always been Joshua Hon. And with this suit up his, you'd wonder if Tern will face a nasty turn of events.

It just won't turn out well for a Dahon fan, either way, with Dahon losing a big portion of its team behind the good designs of yesteryear. And now that Tern is having some issues barely a month after it kicked off in Taipei, it's a question of whether they'll be able to secure, in court, the rights to use whatever they've gained in Dahon. If they have to start from scratch, barred from using patented joints, handleposts, frame designs, etc., then Tern basically is a dead bird, while Dahon... isn't the same Dahon.

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