Monday, August 1, 2011

Dahon v Tern: Tern wins first battle

The ongoing case on the lawsuit brought about by Dahon against Tern had me keeping all eyes on it, and after about ten days of no news - Dahon has lost its first battle against Tern in its efforts to deny Tern from producing bikes.
US federal judge denies Dr David Hon's request for Tern to quit 
"It is very unfortunate that Dahon North America and Dahon China, both managed by my father David Hon and a group of mostly new associates, have decided that the legal arena is the best place to try and compete in the market. Although I am constrained in what I can share publicly about the facts of the lawsuit because it is in court, please rest assured that we are confident that once the true facts are examined, it will be clear that the case has no merit. 

My father and his group have already requested that the court in Los Angeles stop us from doing business with our new company. They submitted their arguments to a United States federal judge who read their alleged evidence and denied their request in an order he made on July 19, 2011. We are pleased to receive this favorable ruling at the very start of the case and are very confident that if it is not dropped, the entire case will eventually be resolved in our favor."

Via BikeBiz

In related news: Tern has a new website that features their whole bike range!

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