Friday, August 26, 2011

Mexicans get fed up of their government; university students build their own bike path

In Guadalajara, Mexico, a group of students from the Tec de Monterrey have built a 2.5-kilometre long bike path all by themselves, because they were fed up with their city's lack of will to build bike paths.


Santa Margarita Avenue between Central avenue & Aviacion
10 January 2011

"City for all and other citizens"
Students of the Tec of Monterrey (a private university) and the University of Guadalajara decided to unite and build a cycle lane for workers and students that pass through [there] daily

Guy speaking:
Well since our politicians are not doing anything, [can't make out]

Citizen Cycle Lane

Guy in cap speaking:
At this time we're starting the work that for years our city and government have not given a damn, [can't understand], inaugurate, formally, the start of the first citizen cycle lane in the city of Guadalajara.

[sound of horn!]


  1. I am wondering whether can we do that in Singapore? Highly unlikely I would say.

  2. Every city should have at least a bike path. Cycling is a great for of exercise and everybody should have a chance to choose their means of transport.