Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quo vadis, cyclist? Hor lan?

If there's one thing about riding a bicycle is that you might hor lan - but the consequences are not that bad. As a cyclist, you have the freedom to do it almost anywhere. The mobility a bicycle affords you is tremendous. By the token of you being able to carry the bicycle wherever you go, you could always mount on the sidewalk and backtrack to wherever you missed the junction. You could cross using the pedestrian crossing, overhead or on the road. You can stop anywhere and ask for directions, or stop and use your GPS.

Sure, a motorist can do that too, but just not with such immediacy as a cyclist could, and fixing a error is more damaging. Both in terms of time, money and environmental damage. When a car loses its way, it has to make a very long drive before it can find a place to U turn or make the correct turn. In fact, sometimes finding a U turn is so annoyingly far that sometimes I wish I was in a bicycle. Versatility - that's my impetus to ride.

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