Saturday, September 11, 2010

How long is to long?

I googled this question and that brought me to forums where one chap said his daily commute was 20 miles one way, which roughly translates to about 32 km in Sg terms..

Amazing? I thought so too... Only to realise he races competitively and his commute is relatively flat.

But it inspired me to try it out, having no computer on my bike. I resorted to a free iPhone app called "thebikecomputer" and this is what it clocked. One way.

I made a small detour as I wasn't too familiar with a shortcut I wanted to take... Which actually meant me not actually cutting the route short but extending it... How ironic... But that's just how it happens sometimes! Has that happened to you?

How about sharing how long a commute is too long?


  1. I guess 32km on a road bike is not too long, but not so for a MTB. For me, too long is when I hesitate and consider should I take bus/MRT instead, or reduce the frequency. During the years when I rode to and from NTU, I did it once a week. Nowadays, between TPY and NUH, I only ride the portion between Buona Vista and NUH.

  2. I used to do 25km one way, but that is quite long so much so that it seems to cause me to lose enjoyment... it becomes a chore. Especially when you contemplate that 25km home, 140 minutes a day to and fro is very siong.

    Oddly, by BMW it's around the same, but more squeezing, waiting, wasting time, $$$ flying away. Of course, no sweat and can read stuff.

  3. If I were to commute to work it would be 33km. Yup, no short cuts from Woodlands to Changi North. The trip would take an hour, give/take 10 minutes on the roadie, and about 1:20 by MTB.

  4. Wow! I'm so happy to hear from you guys! haha...

    B2N: This commute is to NTU too! Although I must admit, the impetus to ride is quite strong, esp when you think of the rush hour in the train n bus! Currently on a MTB with slicks, maybe should get a roadie soon...

    El Wey: Ya, I tried doing it every day, on the second day I already felt it was a chore. And thats when I started changing my route spontaneously... It kept the ride refreshing...

    wari: Thats a little longer than my commute, you must be pretty fit! My MTB ride takes me about 1:15-1:30 than a shower and breakfast which totals to 2hours. No rushing needed.

    But I must admit, i feel totally drained once it reaches 11pm or so. Shagged out!

  5. That time MRT only reach Boon Lay. Now with the Pioneer station, if I were to go NTU frequently, I would more likely station a bicycle there for commute between Pioneer station and NTU and in that area, yes for more variety of foods.

    I think due to the general upgrades of bicycles (better higher quality more ex bicycles are more common), my coming to 2 decades old bicycle were not disturbed when parked outdoors for 5 days weekly.