Monday, September 6, 2010

Pulau Ubin

I went to Pulau Ubin a few weeks ago to ride a bike. Ubin is rather interesting, it being Singapore, yet it, too, being a throwback to the last century. The moment I got to Ubin, I totally fell in love with the rustic environment, and the lack of government. It seems you can do all sorts of illegal things in here without getting caught. But I didn't try anything illegal, I just rode a bike I rented from the many rental stores there which tout endlessly.

The selection of bike from the rental stores there were quite good. Nothing like the ECP crap, there are quality bikes from Trek, Giant, Iron Horse full-sus, etc. Good stuff, saves me the hassle of bringing a bike, and it's a great holiday for people who don't own an MTB, but want to try the scary-like-shit trails here.

Ubin is quite large, it can take a whole day in here biking, riding and enjoying it most of the time. But as a result of this place being bo cheng hu, you have many groups of leisure cyclists which, as a result, go all over the road. Then a van comes in the opposite direction on a single track.

The slopes here are quite scary, especially if you go offroad! It's quite unsafe if you're not used to handling the off-road terrain. Of course, while it was quite ball busting, you just have to try it, and then get the adrenaline rush later. Really good stuff.

Go to Ubin! If you've not been there you don't know what you're missing. It's a great respite from the borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring 60km road riding weekend that is nothing but making circles with your feet. Road riding gets really boring once you try the KETAM trails!

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