Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love My Rear Rack

I really do love my rear rack. There's something magical about it - it transforms a 10kg bike into a 100kg hauler. OK not 100kg, but I have tried to haul a friend on my rear rack... well, the rack went bust after a while, after a few kilometres, though!

The cheapest rack I've found is a $10 steel rack, and it's well worth the money. I can't imagine living without it. Without a rack, carrying long loads is impossible, but with a rack, you can carry metre long loads... just see the pictures!

Of course, you'll need bungee cords to tie them down, and be careful, not all loads are tough enough to tolerate the stresses. Don't tie down foam or teddy bears, they'll have an ugly streak on them! Alternatively, you can also cable tie down a tray or basket, to store random stuff.

When I was trying out inline skating, I didn't have a car to drive to East Coast Park. But, having a rear rack, I got an idea - strap the skates to the side of the bike, and then put all my safety gear in a cable tied basket. This worked out pretty well, although it was quite scary at times when all that was in my mind was whether my skates were still behind. Nonetheless, I made it to and fro safely. Shiok!


  1. i also use a cheapo document wire basket with cable tied on rack to store my laptop. haha

    nice blog

  2. I used seatpost racks, and than at $15 steel one!

    The steel one is great! Other than the weight.

  3. hello i came across your post when i googled "singapore bicycle back rack" haha. would you mind sharing where did you get yours from? i'm looking for one myself. thanks!