Friday, December 31, 2010

Last words.

The last bike related picture of the year found on my phone. And some how it was the best picture I took of this particular bike. My fixie. Also my last.

It is sold now. Space constraints at home was the main reason.

Was really busy with school, then reservist (National Service), and now preparing my stuff for overseas.

Anyway, I don't konw why I never thought of cycling to camp(NS) when I was serving. My bike was was the ideal transport for me the past week!

1. Traveling time was exactly the same, except adding a little bit of time to take a shower once in camp.
2. There is no transport at wee hours of the morning... 6.45am at camp meant only Taxis! No good for the wallet! hahah luckily I ride!
3. Surprisingly there wasn't much physical training so cycling helped me keep fit!
4. I didn't have to wait for anyone to leave. (Sometimes when your friends take the same bus, you wait for them to get ready or whatever. Time is precious!)
5. Didn't have to sit in traffic.
6. I saved lots of $$$

And the best people! May 2011 be a year you commute by bike more than ever! Ride safe!


  1. Last time my ICT was at Clementi Camp II, and I enjoyed riding there. However, once I rode to a camp at Tuas and I regretted doing so.

  2. :D Riding is fun!

    Why? Because of the traffic at Tuas?

  3. Because I didn't know Tuas is so big, and Boon Lay MRT is only half way from my home to the camp :P