Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Khoo Tech Puat... a bicycle-friendly hospital?

I went to Khoo Teck Puat, the newest hospital in Yishun. To do the inevitable but hurtful examination of checking up on my wisdom teeth. The relieving news is that I am pretty dumb. In fact, if the number of wisdom teeth is related to my brain size, I would be a near six foot jellyfish. Not a bad thing, actually, having seen a few friends extract it over the years, they all complain of the inevitable week of shit.

But Khoo Teck Puat had an exhibition on artistic bicycle racks. They all are definitely better than the bog standard half-flux bondage equipment you see often (incl. in KTP) which only secures your front wheel and looks quite easily ripped off the wall or angle grounded to smithereens.

 The exhibition per se outside the pharmacy.

 The above is pretty weak: it doesn't really allow you to lock both wheels. And idiots may lock their bike to the top of the stick where there is an "open path" (Sorry, Adobe jargon), leaving them to wonder why their whole bike is gone.

 A minor improvement, but this rack still cannot lock both wheels. And you ought to realise that if you are handy with the chain, this bike is free too (i.e. slip the chain above the seatpost and it's yours)

This is the first rack that can fit two wheels, although barely. And it is quite sightly. This bike isn't free, though. TMD, I had aspirations of becoming a bike thief. The cops don't care, after all.

 This ranks as my favourite. It has aesthetic appeal (looks like a rider) and can lock both wheels. 

Cradle to Cradle is a nice concept, and is aesthetically quite good, but it serves to only lock your front wheel. As is blatantly shown here.

And.... the Merida road bike.

Free speedo anyone?


  1. Wow, free bikes on display! haha! A thief would be sooo happy.

    Locking ur front wheel and rear wheel to two separate racks is ideal... In case, the thief rigs one rack(maybe lossen the bolts in advance).
    But how often does that happen?

  2. Ya esp. that Merida! But that happens to be better locked

    I always try to lock two wheels to two separate racks, especially when I visit the nat lib!

  3. Nat lab is the hunting ground for bike thieves. I have lost 3 bikes there, 2 of which were just parked in front of CCTV cameras.

  4. Really? i never lost the bikes even when i parked it at the official bike racks? could it be your locks?

  5. :D U must lock ur bikes well! haha...

    I was so paranoid after my bike got stolen.

    mille: Probably a combination of a nice new shiny bike and a weak lock.

    I packed at Nat lib once, nothing happened...