Friday, April 29, 2011

Effective Torture and a Japanese Roomate

My last day in Taichung was simple and easy. I wanted to go downtown, but bah... decided that my feet hurt too much to have that kind of luxury. So I decided to go for a push-take (tui-na) which is basically a very garang massage.
Massage is a misnomer. It's not the kind of shiok shiok massage. Rather, it's almost one hour of unrelenting torture as the Hakka therapist gave me the worst "massage" of my life. She put extremely unnatural pressure on areas such as my neck, shoulders, thigh and other parts that cannot inflate vertically.

I went out feeling achy in a few areas, but to my surprise, she got rid of the soreness in my thighs and perhaps on my lower back too. So I conclude that it was worth the pain, price (700NTD) and punishment.

(L to R) Toshi, Taxi driver, Guy, Hot chick, Guy, Hotter Chick.
Then I went back to the hostel and met this guy - Toshi. He's a Japanese guy who lived in the same room as I did. We talked a bit and he suggested we go grab a few beers. So we asked the taxi driver - where's a good bar? He took us to a club. The club was quite rubbish. The ladies-to-guys ratio was fail, the DJ was fail, and the beer was fail. But Toshi, man, that guy can really work shit up.

He was trying to get into bed with this 22-year old uni lady. Throughout the night, he was hitting, kissing, and trying to fend her friend off, who objected to it implicitly. In the end, Toshi compromised by getting her number, which he wrote on the entrance ticket.

Leaving the bar, he saw a taxi driver and immediately wanted to borrow his phone to call Lady X. But the problem is that Toshi wrote three sets of numbers, and none of them made sense - one was halfway done, the other had 11 numbers and the last one was plain WTF.

No luck. His inflatable part stood flaccid.

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