Saturday, April 23, 2011

A General View of Kaohsiung

Nice view... IKR!
I'm spent another day in Kaohsiung because I have to. To just do the miles would equal not fully enjoying my time here in Taiwan. More critically, Kaohsiung has somethings to offer and it was truly worth it.

And as dualcircles requested, I shall post some pictures of Kaohsiung food. Inevitably I'd have to, since Taiwan is inextricable from food. And basically that's the draw of Taiwan, unless you're male - then there's something else. Shhh....

"Hot DOG"
Yes, the Taiwanese eat dog. Like this one,

This dog is being auctioned off... awww what a waste

And dogs like this become this, this is Original Flavour Hot Dog


30TWD of yum yum
The Ripe Dog is basically a hot dog with a penis looking shape crust stuck on a bamboo stick. It has a fried bread crust that has sugar on it and some sauce inside. Quite good actually.
65TWD, cheap cheap!!!

I had my 65TWD ($3) dinner at some road which I forgot the name. It was century egg with slim meat (whatever shourou means to you). That drink was 10TWD (40c!) but the girl serving me was a bunk that was sibei guailan who kaopehed me. So Singaporean like.

BTW, just a little side note, Kaohsiung is the first place out of an army camp or coffee shop I heard people speak Hokkien (or if you are a patriotic nut, Taiwan-yu) as a primary means of communication.

Because I owe it to someone to buy her cuttlefish, I was given the impetus to go to an island called Cijin (which in pingying is qijin). To go there I needed to take a 15 yuan ferry that allowed my bike in for free. Over there I pussied out and rented a motorcycle. A 50cc-or-so CVT/Centrifugal clutch/Single speed scooter that needs more power and more gears (can't be picky, no driving licence and I'm on a scooter, although in TW it's legal).

My rented chick magnet

Took my bike around Kaohsiung and first things first. Traffic in Kaohsiung is truly one of a kind. Abiding traffic laws is secondary to convenience - red lights are there as a warning sign, you can beat them especially if you are on a scooter. You can keep left if you are a scooter, you can also ride the wrong way if you are a scooter. In a Singaporean's eyes, it's Little India multiplied by five. Thereabouts.

This is the only rule that is enforced, as far as I have seen.

Cool artwork!

The weather in Kaohsiung isn't that good as I hoped it will be - it's either OKish or quite shitty if the cold wind blows. Better than in SG, nonetheless.

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  1. Haha sweet! Thank you! Welcome back to Sg (Amid the political drama)!