Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm in Kaohsiung...

I'm in the city/country of optional-to-heed red lights

Kaohsiung is a nice place to land for a bike tourist. The airport is located quite close to the city, and the road is accessible by bike, much unlike Changi aiport, and it has one of the best cycling culture that beats Taipei hands down.

I reached around 7, had my rear bottle cage mounts breakdown, went into a Giant store to get a Topeak bottle cage clamp, then went on my way to the hostel, where I lost my way on the same road, not understanding that in Taiwan roads are splitted into "lanes", which are not immediately obvious.

I'm too tired to write. The 9h plane ride was not that bad, but I had to get off the plane thrice, and the most annoying thing was that I paid $1,039 and I got no in-flight entertainment and I had to pay $161 for 5kg's worth of excess baggage. Malaysia Airlines... tak boleh lah. I'm taking SQ, Vietnam or Air China if I ever intend to come to Kaohsiung again.

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  1. Sweet I was there before too! I miss the food there badly. Picture of food there? Pretty please.

    Ride on!