Sunday, April 10, 2011

I feel so F-ed up.

Cough, wheeze, sneeze - yes, I feel so flued up. Can't think of a worse time than now, but I guess it's better early than during the ride? Anyway, this is only a small bout, had worse ones in the past.

Friday was truly shit. Keen to test out my new bike with all its new equipment - except for a chainring that needs to be modified before I go - I went on a ride. After 2km, the rear tyre punctured. And guess what, I used Schwalbe Big Apples, which is supposed to have the best puncture protection - the Smartguard. I am disappointed, for sure.

Nonetheless, I realised that this bike still folds and goes into a boot of a taxi, which is a good sign, because it shows that with all these upgrade, there still is a semblance of foldability. Great!

With the Big Apples, I felt that my bike became a lot slower! I came from Kojaks, but I'm shocked at how much speed these tyres sap out of my ride! It could be the poorly tuned brakes, though. Gonna tune it later.

1 comment:

  1. Try Marathon Supremes, I have never flatted using them it is through city and also broken roads riding. It also offers good rolling feeling. BTW, I am not paid to say this...:) Big apples are very comfortable ride but it is very draggy...
    U can see my flamingo with the marathon supremes...