Monday, June 6, 2011

Car Vandalism and Bike Theft

What happened? Laissez-faire happened.

What happens when you mess up someone's car? Watch the video by clicking "Read more" whereby a group of three teenagers vandalise a car. Then, the three white teenagers are switched with three black teenagers, and then a totally different reaction happens.

Part 2

Unfortunately, when we see a crime happening, we often turn a blind eye. This is prominent in all situations, especially bike theft, where the only person I know of who actually would bother is an angmoh. Puting aside the race-test that was done in this video, I wonder... if so few people care about someone's car, what would this same group of people take it when they see someone with a massive bolt cutter trying to steal a bike?

Some thoughts that ruminate in my mind...
  • Why do people engage in laissez-faire when they are not French? Could it be that a certain selfish "that's not mine" mentality pervades their thought?
  • If you car/bike was subjected to similar defacing, would you be more willing to take action?
  • What would I do if I witnessed a bike theft?
On the last two points, I would certainly report it to the police without getting myself involved. I'm not Ip Man, so I can't beat up ten thieves. I doubt I can even do one with a bolt cutter. But to me, bike thieves are doing a crime that is very personal. They are stealing the steed of another, and they did steal mine. To eradicate this crime is a personal goal of mine, and even though it is probably not possible, it's better to start one thief at a time.

I suspect that if you have had it done to you once, you would probably be more stoked to take action. Perhaps that's why. Cyclists are a small percentage in Singapore, and therefore fewer would care if they witnessed a crime that is so estranged from the core of their heart.

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