Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disc brakes: solving the stuck closed hydraulic disc brakes

No, I only have Deore XT. Photo: Vik Banerjee
 Can't fit the wheel back into the front because the disc brake calipers are stuck closed?

Hydraulic disc brakes... well it's the first time I dabbled in them and I was a bit new to them. Never realised that you shouldn't depress the brake when your rotor is not wedged between the calipers.

Yes - after the accident I had to get the bike back and I had to take the front wheel off. But probably while transporting the brake lever was pulled, thus closing the disc brakes, and because it had no resistance, it was permanently stuck at that position.

So after searching around the internet, a lot of people said:

Use a flathead screwdriver and pry it open.

It worked! Except for mine I used a knife in a multitool. After getting rid of all the gunk, it was then ready to accept the brake rotor again! Except there's a bit of brake drag, and that needs another method of combatting...

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