Monday, July 18, 2011

Bike vs Plane... Guess who won?

Last weekend’s closure of Los Angeles' 405 freeway - dubbed "Carmageddon" because of the predicted ensuing transport chaos in a city famed for its traffic - saw an unlikely showdown between a plane and a group of enthusiastic cyclists


The challenge was accepted by a group of cyclists calling themselves Wolfpack Hustle, who were given a one-hour head start over the aircraft on account of the time it takes to transit through the airport on domestic flights. And it was the cyclists who easily came out on top, arriving at their destination before the aircraft - which had suffered take-off delays - had even made it into the air.

Taking just 1hr 34mins and averaging 24.4mph, they arrived in Long Beach 1hr 20 ahead of the plane journey, which required a taxi ride from the airport to complete. The plane’s time was also eclipsed, according to Twitter, by a metro/walk combination (1hr 44) and even a girl on roller blades (2hr 40).
Source: BikeRadar netbook games

This is probably the biggest joke of all time. Reminds me of flying to Kuala Lumpur. You spend more time on the ground handling your check-in, baggage, eating food and waiting in the plane on the ground. Of course, this 50km stretch that was blocked is a bit different from the 400km to KL...

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