Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why is Armstrong always embroiled in shit?

Of all the scandals in the cycling world, the most undying and durable one is the one regarding Lance Armstrong. He dopes, or does he not? Everybody is asking the question, and everybody is saying his own thing. A few months ago, a program on 60 Minutes had a few of his teammates "out" him, but besides these primary source anecdotes, it seems that the numbers never are against Lance. He's never positive.

The seven-time TdF champion is back and now it seems that his reputation is going up in flames. It seems that some people are heading a smear campaign over Lance, and he's trying to get the courts to disallow feds from talking to the media. Read this article on Bikeradar.com

Armstrong victim of "character assassination"
 Lance Armstrong's newly appointed legal team has filed a motion at the US District Court in Los Angeles claiming that the seven-time Tour de France champion has been the victim of "character assassination". The charge stems from alleged leaks from the federal grand jury investigation into allegations that Armstrong was involved in organized doping during his pro cycling career.
According to the respected Politico news website in the US, Armstrong's legal team, headed by John W. Keker, contends that leaks about Armstrong had "the obvious intent of legitimizing the government's investigation of a national hero, best known for his role in the fight against cancer." The motion suggests that information from the Armstrong investigation has been leaked to the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and 60 Minutes. The motion states that, due to the leaks, "even if exonerated and never charged, Armstrong's reputation will have been severely damaged".
 Kinda hard to be the up there where no one else has been, huh.


  1. here's my take. lance played by the rules regarding doping in le tour. if drug A is banned but drug B is not banned in 2000, you cannot accuse him of doping in 2000 for drug B. right? that's why Lance never deny "he ever took performance enhancing drugs in le tour", but he maintained "he's never fail a drug test in le tour".

    and the other less successful riders are envied because they got caught for taking performance-enhancing drugs (ditto Hamilton and Landis). Sore losers, who failed the drug test.

  2. chanjerping,

    Interesting new theory, I'll keep that in mind. :D