Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Most Off-Topic Post Ever

"At least one forummer saw my pic in that entry and still thought I was a schoolgirl. WIN."

Ahhhh.... ACS Boys
I must agree with Jaywalk on his accurate entry on ACS boys.

* Ang moh buay pai.
* Chinese buay sai.
* Sian char bor sibeh li hai!!

Quite a few 'enlightened' girlfriends of mine have concluded that having an ACS boy on the arm is indeed a trophy.
(Enlightened = Girls who make careful choices about who they go out with, and are able to make appropriate amount of analysis afterwards.)

ACS boys are charming and entertaining to hang out with.
What sets them apart from the rest is that air of self-confidence.

Please do not be mistaken, this is unlike the chip on the SJI shoulder, which is sometimes an act of overcompensation for certain deeply-rooted insecurities.

In a nutshell, ACS boys are suave.

(Of course, there are some socially dysfunctional ACS boys, but because the overwhelming majority displays such consistent standards of suave-ness, that one cannot deny this fact.
I do agree that to a certain extent, the image of the suave ACS boy does give rise to the 'halo effect', giving anything that uniform an edge over other earthlings.)


I must conclude that if you are looking for a life partner, do go for the true-blue RI boy.

They may be crass unsophisticated (in terms of sense of aesthetics and/or bearer of aesthetics), irritatingly corny and sarcastic, and have limited abilities expressing themselves in the most fluent of English, but I believe they are fundamentally true socialists at heart.

And amidst the efficient Rafflesian factory, if you manage to find one with some sense of humility, that will be and has to be the Perfect partner for a true-blue SNGS chick.

要记得大姐姐的话哦!(Little sisters, mark "my" words!)

I heart RI boys!!!

 Source: Blinkymummy

This comes from a true-blue St. Nicholas Girls' School woman (yes, that's correct diction) who last stepped into her secondary school school around 15+ years ago. She spent 11 years in SNGS, and is still partying away. From what she said, she likes flawed socialists from top schools over suave and charismatic trophy boyfriends whose angmoh buay pai.

See me no up?

Can't disagree that "school rivalry is deeply-embedded in our consciousness". I feel so bad on not being material for girls looking for trophy boyfriends. My little saving grace is that...

plus i have a soft spot for cat high and maris stella boys.
it's the brother-sister school thing.
purely 'kinship'.
Good to know what a St. Nicks lady would think of me. At least I don't have to be socialist. I'm very practical about my capitalistic ways - which is why I bike commute, duh!

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