Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giant Donates Bikes for Quake Cleanup

Giant Donates Bikes for Quake Cleanup - News | Giant Bicycles | International

Giant Bicycles has donated 1000 special “Emergency Edition” mountain bikes specifically designed to assist emergency crews involved with the recent Japan earthquake disaster.

These hardtail mountain bikes will be used by local emergency organizations and volunteers to navigate rough terrain and damaged roads no longer accessible by vehicles.

The bike itself is a limited production model based on the Giant Rock series of mountain bikes sold in Japan, and is named the “Special Edition Quake Reconstruction” model.

To better highlight its emergency usage, the framesets are painted in high-visibility yellow, and they carry a logo depicting “Emergency Reconstruction Assistance” on the seat tube.

Each bike will be delivered fully assembled and will come equipped with safety features that include front suspension, 26-inch off-road tires, rear luggage rack, and front headlight.

Immediately after the earthquake, Giant altered its standard manufacturing schedules to accommodate timely production of the unique bicycles. They will be delivered to affected areas by late April.

This is so awesome right! I think Giant is doing the world a great deed, and it's true that bicycles can go to a lot of places where even the Hilux - Top Gear's favourite abuse vehicle - cannot. The beauty of bikes is that even if you can't ride it, you still can walk the bike until you reach somewhere rideable. Like, if you wanted to climb a pile of tall rubble, you could lift the bike over and then get yourself over. I guess... no first hand experience, and seriously not interested in having it.

On a more nitpicky note, these look like they have cheap components. No matter anyway, since I have never seen Shimanos break down over a short period.

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