Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crank Arm Buay Steady

It would seem like I am out of luck when it comes to changing a crankset. I was truly hoping to get my Dahon down to 44t but it seems that isn't possible, even if I were willing to spend quite a bit. I went all out and tried to get myself a new MTB crankset - the Shimano Deore with 44,32 and 22t. But once it was fitted on, there was a problem because, since my bike doesn't have a derailleur and because the crankset won't take a chainguard, derailed chains became a very big problem for me. Every five minutes the chain would drop off, unfortunately.

Yea, right.

So the stock chainring is going back in. 52t - complete madness up hills. SHIT.

Got the waterbottle cage done up. Now I have three bottlecages, but apparently, it isn't that necessary as anyone can get water even in the countryside. How true is that I will soon know.

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    If you have a lot of free time and like to diy...

    I can envision those plumber tightners and this to act as a guide... or just get a chain guide and diy a mount of it...