Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What’s the Strategy?

At all times you have to ask yourself, “what is the strategy”? This is the most important question for me right now as so far I have been hovering around not really having a concrete plan on what I need to pack until I hit upon the Complete Bicycle Touring Gear v5 off bicycletouringpro.com
The easy to use checklist gave me some ideas of what I don’t have, what I have and WTF. Seems like in addition to the chainring which needs to be changed, I also have to get

-          Mirror (I have one on the right, but Chiang Kai Shek decided to make the Republic of China drive on the right in 1945)
-          Pepper spray (Hmm, can get locally?)
-          MREs (Basically, energy bars)
-          Gatorate powder (overkill?)
-          Photocopies of documents
-          Emergency contact info (roadID style)
-          Travel insurance
-          Sunglasses (hmm, hard for a four-eyed person)
-          Insect repellent
-          CAMERA BATTERIES (This is impt!)
-          Physical maps, guidebooks
-          Small padlock (will my cable lock suffice?)
-          SPOKES (omg, how do I replace spokes?!)
-          Chaintool and links (the other hard part, not sure about this repair)
-          Batteries for other stuff – GPS, lights, etc.
-          Ziploc bags
-          Medical – zinc tablets, anti-diarrhoea, foot powder (shit! ORDed long ago)
-          Survival items – whistle, personal locator beacon

Not really a long list, but I should budget around 2 days to get all these items in store. Plus the packing the day before, so  I should start latest on Tuesday next week.

1 comment:

  1. Pepper spray for dogs?

    I think Gatorade powder and power bars, i won't bring. I would just buy bubble tea and whatever snacks I see haha!

    You are going to bring panadol right? I recommend bringing a pair of small scissors (Swiss army knife comes to mind), black tape and lozenges. Lip balm when u get there!

    Like over preparing eh?